The Sharpes

Photographing these two was such a joy! They were so laid back and up for anything. Lots of jokes and sass came during our river walking session. I loved how they turned something that could be potentially awkward into a playful fun experience. Happy one year anniversary to the wonderful Sharpes! Check it out!! “Life … More The Sharpes

Dreamy Mornings

Amaal has been a sweet friend of mine since high school. I have long admired her spirit and passion. I loved every minute of catching up, hiking the mountain side and inquiring on her and Khabbab’s love story. We got hot and sweaty, and I learned a lot from this session. Thanks Amaal & Khabbab!! … More Dreamy Mornings

Sweet Spring

Rachel was one of the few friends I made at my time at UNM. She is kind hearted with a little side of sass! She made the rest of my college career a little more bearable! Through her friendship is where I developed my love for Home Goods and finding good deals a Ross. (You … More Sweet Spring

The Rowdy Robinsons

  The love I have for this family is pretty unmatched! I have known the Robinsons for close to 10 years now, and can definitely say that they love Jesus with a passion that is inspiring. They have been with me through so many different seasons of life, and are the absolute best at making … More The Rowdy Robinsons

Birthday Freebies!!

Happy birthday to you!! I am not normally a big birthday person, but this year I thought it would be fun to start taking advantage of all the birthday freebies so many companies offer. I created a burner email and started signing up for everything I could possibly find. I got close to 40 emails … More Birthday Freebies!!

The Happy Hart’s

Fear… Isn’t it funny how something unseen can completely rule your life? I’ve allowed the fear of people and not being good enough drive so many of my decisions and choices. In working on overcoming my fear I have decided to step out. I have begun to pursue photography and am LOVING it!! It is … More The Happy Hart’s

In the Garden

The other morning I was allowing negativity, hurt and painful words that had been spoken to me swirl around in my mind. I was noticing the thoughts fester turning to bitterness and anger. I was quickly headed down a poor path, and tried to hand over the thoughts to Jesus taking them captive. Leave it … More In the Garden